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    Japanese Classic Cars




    Japanese Classic Cars


    What are Jassics?

    Jassic; (n) 1, is a sport and touring two or four door vehicle with production dates typically from the late seventies to early nineties era and of Japanese design and/or manufacture; 2 Japanese Classic Automobile; 3 The most agile ride you will ever find yourself in…


    Co-founder of Jassics.com, DIASISS is known for being utmost controversial, innovative, and ambitious to the automotive world. Diasiss has become frustrated with the majority of automobile cultures and cliques overlooking Japanese cars and the connection to urban culture. In light of this controversy, Jassics.com was created. Not only to reiterate the culture accompanying Japanese sport and luxury cars, but to also combat most other typical car prototypes and cultures combined. In the formation of this automobile movement, a discussion of auto culture was engaged. Diasiss asked aloud, “If you become aware of a car type under a simple label, such as American Muscle or Tuner, why can’t there be a term for the cars of our culture?” B, who is now known as JASS, answered, “Why not just call them JASSICS?” The term was mutually agreed upon and labeled thereon for Japanese Classic Cars.

    “Jassics” is a term coined by co-founder and moderator, Jass of Jassics.com and real estate business owner. The term ‘Jassics’ is used to define Japanese cars and culture of the urban world. The autos noted in this term are high-end Japanese automobiles designed to appeal to the American market once introduced. These cars offered loaded packages, well crafted interiors and exteriors, large horsepower numbers from small displacement engines, and aggressive styling and appeal. Other definitions are noted as a classic automobile of authentic design or belonging to a higher rank or class. Serving as an established model or standard by having lasting significance or worth and enduring.


    Jassic cars are not to be confused with Ricer or Tuner cars. Tuners are low end economy cars that are ‘upgraded’ or ‘modified’ from their original state to appear or become more powerful. Tuners are also cars portrayed to a vogue status. Furthermore, these cars are accepted because they are commercial friendly. Jassic cars or Jasscars, on the other hand, are originally designed to make an impression to the American and style oriented market and were the higher end Japanese cars money could buy. This appeal was generated by impressive statistics. For example: Toyota could design a 3-liter L-6 that produces more horsepower than America could with a 5.7-liter V-8. Japan is recognized by perfecting multi-point fuel injection systems and high-efficiency natural aspiration tuning to engines that has been implemented into all cars available in the market today and have proved themselves reliable at more than 250 thousand miles on original equipment. Japan could also provide aggressive and exotic looking automobiles that were once only available from Europe at a price. This appeal was largely accepted and embraced by the urban community in America. With sleek design and high quality craftsmanship these cars became ideal even today. Note the Jassics Image Gallery for examples of these fine automobiles.






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    japanese classic car club

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